Stunning Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Android tablet gets £150 discount

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Buying an Android tablet at just the right time can mean making a decent saving. But we didn't see a discount this big coming at this time of year and on Samsung's excellent Galaxy Tab S4 too.

The iPad Pro rivalling Samsung tablet is the most expensive in the South Korean company's lineup and rarely gets a decent discount. So when we saw £150 smashed off the original £599 price today at Amazon, we just had to share it with you. If you've been thinking of picking up Samsung's top slate, this is the deal you've been waiting for.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 | £599 £450 at Amazon
The 10.5-inch tablet is aiming at the likes of the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface tablets, while coming in way cheaper even at the full RRP. So when we see a £150 discount off the starting price you should seriously consider taking advantage. The pencil stylus is included too.

The Tab S4 is a step up from the older tablets as Samsung has provided an optional desktop experience to the operating system to make it compete with Microsoft's professional-facing Surface devices. As with those devices though you'll need to buy the keyboard and mouse separately if you need them.

If the Galaxy Tab S4 is a bit much for your needs, there are far cheaper options available in our Samsung tablet prices and sales guide. Or if you fancy checking out the rival Apple devices, we've compared the latest iPad deals for you too.

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