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The AirPods Pro deals of the last few weeks have been outstanding, seeing prices drop to new lows in both the US and the UK. If you missed out on these sales, however, never fear. There are still some excellent price cuts to take advantage of, bringing Apple's premium true wireless earbuds down to just $229 / £209. We're used to seeing AirPods deals come and go but rarely do those savings touch the premium AirPods Pro noise canceling buds. 

That price has been fairly stable in the US, but over in the UK we were seeing these buds go for £205 earlier in the week. Appliances Direct obviously has a lot of interest in this AirPods Pro deal, so we don't know when this price will jump back up again. If it has by the time you get to it, you'll find a £219 sales price available at a number of retailers (Amazon, Currys, and John Lewis).

We're rounding up these AirPods Pro deals below, as well as more cheap AirPods prices further down the page. If you missed out on these offers, we're expecting this year's Black Friday deals to bring more AirPods sales as well.

The latest AirPods Pro deals and sales

AirPods Pro | $249 $229 at Amazon

AirPods Pro | $249 $229 at Amazon
The AirPods Pro noise canceling earbuds are still available for $229 at Amazon right now. That's the best price going since Verizon quit their $219 sales price earlier this week.

AirPods Pro | £249 £209 at Appliances Direct

AirPods Pro | £249 £209 at Appliances Direct
Appliances Direct has the AirPod Pros up for just £209 right now - that's £4 more than the lowest all-time price on these noise-cancelling buds. In fact, that price tag was around earlier this week, so demand for these buds is strong right now. If you prefer, you can also pick these up on sale for just £219 at Amazon, Currys, or John Lewis.

The AirPods Pro earbuds have held steady at their $249 / £249 retail price since their release, but with whispers of more on their way, it looks like Apple is eager to offer any discounts they can. While $20 / £40 might not seem like too much to save on a set of buds at this price, Apple products rarely receive too hefty a discount and these headphones are their cash cows.

We wouldn't sit too long on these offers either, with Amazon's Summer Sale already in full swing and Prime Day deals still up in their air, this is likely to be the lowest AirPods Pro price for a while. 

More cheap AirPods

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