12 best touchscreen apps for Windows 7

7. ItzaBitza

Educational games are an obvious use for Windows Touch technology and ItzaBitza has quickly made this clever drawing tool for the under 5s. Kids can use the drawing recognition system to draw objects that then form part of the game.

Touchscreen apps for windows 7

8. Microsoft BlackBoard

A touchscreen app that's as good for science loving geeks as the developing minds of children. The BlackBoard application enables you to add gears and moving parts to the machine, and then make alterations using the natural power of your fingertips. Simply get the balloons and balls to the end of the machine using your fingers.

Touchscreen apps for windows 7

9. Microsoft Rebound

Rebound is a virtual air hockey table where you do battle with your computer or human opponents. Just use your fingers to play your opponent on the electrified court.

Touchscreen apps for windows 7

10. WinDVD Pro 2010

WinDVD Pro 2010 enables you to control playback, select scenes and browse your library with touch. The software is also fully HD compatible and will play Blu-ray discs if you have a compatible drive.

Touchscreen apps for windows 7

11. Microsoft Garden Pond

Ever wanted to use every single one of your fingers to navigate a bunch of origami boats across a treacherous garden pond? Of course you have! If anyone says that multi-touch won't revolutionise PC control, they've obviously never used Microsoft Garden Pond.

Touchscreen apps for windows 7

12. Microsoft Surface Globe

Putting the world at your fingertips, Microsoft Surface Globe uses Virtual Earth to give you a multi-touch mapping experience like Google Earth. Pinch to zoom into countries or navigate cities. Surface Globe is an extremely natural touchscreen experience.

Touchscreen apps for windows 7


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