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Save $20 on arcade nostalgia with this NeoGeo Mini International deal

NeoGeo Mini International

If you're anything like us, you've been riding high on the discounted retro revival game consoles over the past few months. The latest to join the party is video game company SNK with its NeoGeo Mini International cabinet at a steep discount.

This retro revival console can be played both on its own and connected to a TV, bringing 40 classic arcade games with it. The console also supports two controllers made by SNK for multiplayer fun on the couch.

NeoGeo Mini International: $109 now $88.02 on Amazon
SNK is selling the NeoGeo Mini International retro revival cabinet, with 40 games installed, for $20.98 or 19% off list price on Amazon for a limited time only.View Deal

This is quite a steal for a retro revival console that contains around twice as many games as the options from Nintendo and Sony. The SNES Classic has some of the best games of its time and two controllers in the box for about the same price, meanwhile the PlayStation Classic is cheapest but has a comparatively worse selection of games.

However, neither option offers nearly as many games, nor can either be played on the go. Of course, you'll have to fork up for your own controllers.

It seems that, if you're fast enough, you can snag same-day Prime delivery as well as some controllers for up to five bucks off through Amazon.