Samsung reportedly puts its Galaxy Fold launch events on hold in China

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Samsung is reportedly pushing back its planned Galaxy Fold launch events in China this week – and though a last-minute hitch with venues is being blamed by insider sources, it also gives Samsung a little more time to investigate screen issues with the device.

As SamMobile reports, several events have been postponed, including ones in Shanghai and Hong Kong, although Samsung is promising that the April 26 Fold launch in the US will go ahead as planned.

In response to a number of press review units developing glitches around the display hinge, Samsung previously said it was ready to "thoroughly inspect" the broken units to see what had gone wrong.

Some of the problems seem to have stemmed from the removal of a protective plastic layer on the display – it may look like an optional screen protector but it's actually essential to the smooth operation of the folding screen.

Fold on hold?

Perhaps a few extra days will give Samsung chance to make it clearer that the screen cover shouldn't be removed under any circumstances (don't forget this if you're planning to pick up a Galaxy Fold of your own).

After unveiling the innovative folding phone, Samsung said it had undergone rigorous testing, and that the handset was ready to withstand 200,000 folds – or around five years of regular use.

We'll have to wait and see what Samsung's investigation turns up, but as yet there's no indication that the phone won't go on sale across the world as originally planned.

The Galaxy Fold retails for $1,980 in the US, €2,000 in mainland Europe and £1,799 in the UK. It's just one of several foldable phones we're expecting to see on the market in the next few years.

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