Samsung Galaxy tablet deals can save you over $200 this weekend

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 deals sales price
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We're seeing a number of record-low prices on Samsung Galaxy tablet deals right now, with Dell and Amazon stepping up to offer some stunning discounts on Samsung's current range of powerful devices. 

That means you'll find savings on everything from the budget-minded Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (now down to $269.99, was $349.99) all the way through to the turbo-charged Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. The most powerful Samsung tablet currently on the market, this weekend's Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 deals are offering a record low price on the OLED device - just $676.88 for 128GB of storage at Amazon (was $849.99). 

Of course, you can hit square in the middle as well, with an excellent $529.99 sales price on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 itself (was $649.99). Amazon has other retailers beat here, with a $120 discount that brings us within just $2 of the all time record low price. 

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Today's best Samsung Galaxy tablet deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - 64GB: $349.99 $269.99 at Dell

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - 64GB: $349.99 $269.99 at Dell
Samsung's budget model remains the S6 Lite, even though the S7 has now taken the flagship's place. That means you can still pick up a cheap Samsung Galaxy tablet, and one that offers some excellent power that won't break the bank. Dell has the best price on the 64GB model right now, but if you're after 128GB of space you'll also find a $100 discount at Amazon.

128GB: $429.99 $329.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 - 128GB: $649.99 $529.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 - 128GB: $649.99 $529.99 at Amazon
This $529 sales price is just $2 off the lowest all time cost of the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. We've only seen a lower price once before, and it only lasted for a day, so we'd recommend jumping on this offer soon if you're looking for more power under the hood.

256GB: $729.99 $589.11 | 512GB: $829.99 $679.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus - 128GB: $849.99 $676.88 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus - 128GB: $849.99 $676.88 at Amazon
You can upgrade even further if you're interested in a larger display with a gorgeous OLED panel. There's a stunning $676 sales price available at Amazon right now, the cheapest we've ever seen this premium device go for. 

256GB: $929.99 $722.07 | 512GB: $1,029.99 $819.96

More Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 deals

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 comes packed in a slimline 498g chassis and sports an 11-inch LED display at a 1600x2560 resolution and excellent 120Hz refresh rate. You're getting the same Snapdragon 865+ CPU as the S7 Plus model as well, which makes for an excellent snappy response when paired with 6GB RAM. 

However, if you do want to upgrade to the S7 Plus you can take advantage of the gorgeous AMOLED display. It's a serious upgrade over the LED screen of the base model, and well worth a look if you're after high quality streaming or media editing. You're also getting more screen real estate with a 12.4-inch panel on this model at a resolution of 1752 x 2800. 

More Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 deals

Though less widely available, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 deals can still be found. You're more likely to find a great price on the cheaper Tab S6 Lite, however.

If you're after something even cheaper, check out the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab A deals and prices, but we're rounding up all the best cheap Android tablets available as well. However, you'll find a wide range of iPad and iPad Pro deals up for grabs this weekend if you want to try Apple's devices instead. 

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