Samsung Galaxy S21: Telstra, Optus and Vodafone go head-to-head with discounts

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review
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The just-launched Samsung Galaxy S21 series is now available to buy in Australia, and to persuade you to their service, the major telcos are going head-to-head with epic plan discounts. 

Even if you aren’t interested in the S21, you can still take advantage of these deals as each telco will let you pair them to other handsets, or buy as a standalone SIM. Here’s what each provider is offering:


Telstra has slashed the cost of its Extra Large mobile plan, and is now serving up 180GB of data for AU$65 a month. The discounted rate will apply for the first 12 months, after which it will revert back to the standard AU$115 each billing cycle.

This Telstra deal will save you AU$600 if you stay connected for the entire year, and anyone can sign up, as the offer is open to both new and existing Telstra customers.

The benefit of going with Telstra is that the telco recently announced its 5G network now reaches 50% of Australians, and it has ambitious plans to reach 75% of Aussie’s by the end of June this year. So, if you want good connectivity on a 5G handset, Telstra’s a good bet.


If you want a hefty amount of data, Optus has outdone Telstra in this department. On the Optus One plan, you can score a massive 500GB for AU$65 a month. Again, the plan is discounted for your first 12 months on the service, after which it bumps up to the regular pricing of AU$119 a month.

You’ll end up saving AU$648 with this Optus plan, and get much more data than you would with Telstra’s equivalent offer. While it’s not as far-reaching, the Optus 5G network is continuing to roll out in most major cities, so check its availability in your area.

The discounted offer is available to both new and existing Optus customers, and comes with Optus Sport included for free for as long as you stay connected.


When it comes to price, Vodafone has them both beaten. Vodafone’s Ultra plan is offering up a solid 500GB of data for AU$60 a month. The discount holds for your first 12 months, before going back to the standard AU$120p/m.

That means you’ll save a huge AU$720 if you sign up to Vodafone, and it also comes with the added perk of three months of Amazon Prime for free.

The telco is the one to go for if you want to pay the cheapest price for the most amount of data, but Vodafone’s 5G network is the most limited among the big three. Though according to Vodafone, there are plans to cover up to 85% of select major cities by the end of the year.

You can snag these deals from Telstra or Optus until March 1, while Vodafone is set to end the offer on February 24.

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