The best Telstra mobile plans for 2018


If you're on the hunt for a Telstra plan, you're probably already familiar with the carrier's strengths and weaknesses. Impressive coverage can be worth the somewhat steeper price of entry, particularly if you're living in more remote regions, and premium inclusions such as Foxtel Now starter packs and Apple Music subscriptions also sweeten the deal.

We've scanned through all the plans Telstra has to offer and picked out three of its best to suit different kinds of customers. Whether you're after the best budget option, best balanced plan or one with massive data, we've got you covered.

Best budget option

Google Pixel XL or iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S7 | 15GB data | $59 pm

Telstra aren’t known for their cheap plans, and as a result the best budget option isn’t quite as cheap as we’d hoped. Still, there’s a special on at the moment that adds a decent amount of value to a plan with a slightly older handset. You’ll nab 15GB of data, as well as Telstra’s characteristic extras, such as data-free streaming of the 2018 AFL, NRL and Netball seasons. Total cost over 24 months is $1,416
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Best overall value

Samsung Galaxy S8 | 20GB data | Unlimited international talk and text | $79 pm

Not only is this the cheapest plan available with a current flagship handset, it also happens to be the best value on the entire Telstra network. Alongside the truly terrific Samsung Galaxy S8, you’ll net yourself 20GB of data, a free 12-month subscription to a Foxtel Now starter pack of your choice, and unlimited international talk and text to 15 selected countries. Total cost over 24 months is $1,896
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Best big data plan

iPhone X 256GB | 60GB data | Unlimited international talk and text | 2GB roaming data | $159 pm

Telstra really shines when it comes to its higher-end plans, so if you’re looking to get the new iPhone X then this is the best value plan you can get. You'll get 60GB of data to use each month plus an extra 2GB of roaming data, and any streaming via Apple Music won’t count towards this cap. You’ll also get a free 12-month subscription to three Foxtel Now starter packs, unlimited international talk and text, and a bunch of free sports streaming as well. Total cost over 24 months is $3,816
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