Samsung Galaxy S10 series is getting a Night Mode for its camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
Image credit: TechRadar

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is getting a dedicated night mode in its camera app in an update that’s reportedly live in Switzerland, per SamMobile, and logically should roll out to other regions soon. 

The night mode is reportedly a dedicated version of the ‘Bright Night’ feature that S10 cameras would automatically switch to in low-light situations. Now, users will be able to switch to a dedicated mode, conceivably swiping to it in the camera app’s mode carousel alongside panorama, pro and live focus.

The new mode should seriously augment the S10 line’s camera shortcomings. While their lineup of lenses is impressive, like every other flagship, the S10’s fall short of the Google Pixel 3’s Night Mode, which renders a remarkable amount of context into low-light and night scenes, which we noted in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review.

But how good will it be?

Truth be told, we didn’t find the Galaxy S10’s auto-activating night mode to outperform other flagship phones’ night modes. But, given its erratic activation, it was tough to judge the mode anyway – we look forward to testing it against other top camera contenders.

Of which, admittedly, there are several – and even a month after the S10 line launched, the Huawei P30 Pro looks like it may outperform even the mighty Pixel 3 in low-light situations.

The update comes with April’s security patch (again, only live in Switzerland for now), so you’ll have to wait for both.

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