Samsung Galaxy Note 21 even more likely to be gone, and replaced by the S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
(Image credit: TechRadar)

So many tech leakers and reporters have suggested the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 isn't coming - even Samsung seems pretty sure it's canceled - and now some more light has been shone on the situation.

According to prolific leaker Evan Blass, the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S21 FE won't actually replace the Galaxy S20 FE from 2020, but will instead serve as an upgrade on the Galaxy Note 20.

The picture Blass shared sums this up: while the company's 2020 flagship line-up consisted of the Galaxy S20 series, the S20 FE and Note 20, the 2021 line-up shows the Galaxy S21 family, the S20 FE again and the S21 FE.

It's weird that the Galaxy S20 FE is still in the 2021 list - perhaps Samsung will give it a price cut to keep it competitive despite being older.

S21 FE is not a Note

So what's Blass suggesting here? Will the Galaxy S21 FE come with a stylus and lots of productivity features? Well, while we can't say for sure just now, that seems unlikely.

Instead, we'd imagine this simply means the Galaxy S21 FE will launch at a big Samsung Unpacked event in August (when we'd otherwise see the Note) as the company's late-year big flagship.

This gels with rumors we've been hearing, which suggested the S21 FE would launch alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 at some point in August. Maybe the Galaxy Tab S8 will be there too.

If you were looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 - and somehow hadn't had your hopes dampened by a flood of similar rumors - we're sorry to say that, at this point, its existence looks very unlikely. Hopefully you like the Galaxy S21 FE instead.

Tom Bedford

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