Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite listing shows same specs as Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
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We’ve been hearing whispers of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite for a while, but now it seems far more like a real thing, as a phone believed to be the Galaxy Note 10 Lite has just been benchmarked.

A Geekbench 5 listing spotted by NashvilleChatter reveals a phone with 6GB of RAM and an Exynos 9810 chipset. Those notably are exactly the same specs as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

If this is accurate, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite will be a step down in power from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 range, but still pack specs that would have been considered flagship-level in 2018.

(Image credit: Nashville Chatter / Geekbench)

The handset is also listed as running Android 10, and it achieves a single-core score of 667 and a multi-core one of 2,030. For comparison, a recent Samsung Galaxy Note 10 benchmark shows a single-core score of 748 and a multi-core one of 2,696, which is about what we’d expect given the newer chipset and extra 2GB of RAM in the standard Note 10.

It’s worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite isn’t mentioned by name in the benchmark, but the model number SM-N770F is used, and that has been linked to the phone before.

At the very least this seems to be a Note handset that hasn’t yet been announced, as the ‘N’ marks it out as part of the Note range, and the number as a whole isn’t attached to any launched phones.

A certified stylus

Further evidence that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is real and coming soon comes in the form of an FCC (Federal Communications Commission) listing for a Bluetooth-enabled S Pen designed for a phone with this model number, as spotted by Max J. on Twitter.

This doesn’t tell us much, as we fully expected the Note 10 Lite to come with an S Pen stylus, and all modern ones use Bluetooth. But the fact that it has been certified suggests the phone could be launching soon.

Indeed, we’d heard previously that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite might land in December alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, so the wait might almost be over.

Via GSMArena and SamMobile

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