Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite could be in the works

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Samsung has already launched two Galaxy Note 10 models, which is one more than is typical of the company. But there might be a third on the way if a model number is any indication.

The Samsung model number SM-N770F has been spotted by SamMobile, and it almost certainly belongs to a Galaxy Note handset as those are the only ones that start with the letter ‘N’ (the ‘SM’ bit being a prefix found on all Samsung phone model numbers).

Now, it seems far too early for us to be seeing a model number for the Samsung Galaxy Note 11. Not only that, but the main Note range follows the N with a 9, not a 7 as seen here.

The clue is in the number

So where does that leave us? Well, one Note handset that did start with ‘N7’ is the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. This was a more affordable alternative to the Galaxy Note 3, so this mystery model could be a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite or Neo.

But that’s just speculation for now, and as yet there aren’t any other details about the handset, other than that it will apparently come with 128GB of storage.

We also can’t be sure that this model number is even real, as it’s not clear where SamMobile saw it. So for now we’d take all of this with a pinch of salt, but if you like the idea of a stylus-toting Samsung phablet with a more mid-range price, there’s a chance one’s on the way.

Via GSMArena

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