The new Samsung DeX Pad launches next month – and it's free with Galaxy S9

The new Samsung DeX Pad that transforms newer Galaxy phones into a desktop-like virtualization tool is available for pre-order in the US, Samsung announced today.

Samsung's second-generation DeX Pad will ship to its first customers on May 13, two months after the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus release date.

The sleeker-looking DeX replaces the original puck-shaped DeX, but it remains compatible with last year's Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S8 Active and Note 8.

It also works the same: dock your phone into the pad via USB-C and connect it to any HDMI monitor to get a desktop-like experience with virtualization support. You'll also be able to use your docked phone for an on-screen keyboard and, in the future, as a trackpad.

How to get a DeX Pad for free

We noted that the new Samsung DeX Pad is like having "a secret Chromebook hidden in your phone." But not everyone will be willing to pay for this extra.

Luckily, while it costs $99 (£130, AU$200) at retail, Samsung is bundling the DeX Pad with new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus deals in the US through its website starting today. 

Yes, this means early adopters who already bought Samsung's new phones in the last few weeks get the short end of the stick if they want multitasking beyond 5.8-inch, and 6.2-inch and 6.3-inch smartphone screens.

Matt Swider