PS5 and Xbox Series X price could be the deciding factor for the majority of players

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When it comes to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, players see 'affordable price' as the most important factor.

That's according to a Twitter poll by Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon, who asked Twitter users what the most important thing was for them when it comes to next-gen consoles.

The poll received a total of 50,295 responses, with a 37.5% majority of users saying 'affordable price' was the most important factor. 'Plays last-gen games' (AKA backwards compatibility) came second with 30%, 'better graphics' received 19.2% of votes, while 'exclusive games' was the least important with just 13.2% of votes.

Are you surprised?

The Xbox Series X price and the PS5 price have been hot topics, especially as neither Microsoft nor Sony have confirmed the cost of their next-gen consoles. There have also been rumors that the PS5 and Xbox Series X price could be driven up scarce parts

With such uncertainty, it's no surprise that players are concerned about how much the powerful new consoles will cost them. What is slightly surprising, as Boon pointed out, is that 'exclusives games' emerged as the least important factor in the poll. Especially considering Sony's strong collection of PS4 exclusives is cited as being one of the key reasons it beat out Microsoft (in terms of sales) in the current console wars. 

It's worth noting that a Twitter poll isn't exactly reflective of the overall player base, especially as it's unlikely younger players will be on the platform. While this poll can be useful as a steer, the reality is likely to be a lot more complex. 

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