PlayStation's Mid-Year Sale slashes game prices across PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PSP


This year's Steam Summer Sale may have all the attention (and wallets) right now, but Sony is putting up its own Mid-Year Sale to give PlayStation owners a chance to save some green, too.

From now until July 11, the PlayStation Store is holding a sale on a massive swath of games spanning not just the PS4 and PS3, but also the oft-forgot PS Vita and even the ancient PSP.

The deals cut prices by up to half-off on dozens upon dozens of different titles, though subscribers to PlayStation's premium PS Plus service can boost some of those savings to up to 75% off.

Save on PlayStation games

You can check out a detailed roster of discounted games on the PlayStation Blog.  This post is our preferred way of combing through the 100+ games on sale, since you can easily CTRL+F your way through the list to find the right games/platforms/price points you want.

While there's certainly a little something for everyone, a selection of standout bargains include 40% off of GTA V (plus another 10% off with PS Plus).

There's also Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition and God of War III for under $6 apiece. You can also find 65% off of Parappa the Rapper in its Vita-compatible PSP port form.

Finally, Sony is also discounting a few of its movies during the Mid-Year Sale, though the selection and deals aren't as enticing, unless you're really jazzed to save a buck or two on a season of American Dad! or your third copy of The Big Lebowski.