The Polaroid Cube+ is the world's cutest pocketable, connected camera

Polaroid Cube+

Last year Polaroid came out with an adorable little pocket camera called the Cube, and now a year later the camera company has introduced a new model at CE Week called the Cube+.

Just like the previous model, the Cube+ is a dinky little thing that measures just 1.4-inches (35mm) square. Despite its small size, the pocketable device packs a sensor, lens and a shutter button – pretty much all the bare necessities of a digital camera except for a screen to review your images.

However, the biggest new feature behind the Cube+ is Wi-Fi connectivity that allows users to connect the camera to an Android or iOS devices. A new Cube+ smartphone app also allows you to use your device as a viewfinder to compose their shot and change the settings of the Polaroid Cube+.

Additionally, as a connected camera, the Cube+ transfer video and photos to the users' devices for quick editing and sharing.

Bigger and better

Aside from the new Wi-Fi capabilities, the Cube+ features a higher-fidelity 8MP sensor while the original Cube was limited to capturing 6MP files. The sensor has also been upgraded with electronic image stabilization, which should help out with pictures taken in the dark as well as some more extreme shots taken while adventuring.

Of course, all these little extras come with a cost when it releases this August. The Cube+ will come come at a higher premium of $149 (about £94, AU$192), quite a bit pricier than the $99 (£89, AU$149) Polaroid Cube.

Kevin Lee

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