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Verizon's latest Share Everything plan is the cheapest (and smallest) yet

Verizon Share Everything
Verizon's Share Everything plans have taken over the carrier's business

Verizon has added a new lowest tier to its "Share Everything" plans, offering customers 250MB of data for just $60 per month.

Verizon's Share Everything plans also come with unlimited talk and text, and the data can be shared among multiple devices - including tablets for $10 extra each per month, LTE hotspots for $20 month, and other devices for $5 a month.

But Verizon's new $60 Share Everything plan, 25% cheaper than its $80 500MB plan, only has 250MB to go around, so you might be stretching that data pretty thin.

Verizon says these $60 plans will only be available for a limited time, so if you think you can survive on just 250MB a month then jump on this while you can.

It gets even cheaper

Verizon's new plan is clearly aimed at those who don't use their smartphones for much other than calling, and those with basic phones.

In fact, users with feature phones will only have to pay $50 a month - $30 for the data access and $20 for talk and text, whereas smartphone users are paying $40 for data access.

Verizon introduced its Share Everything plans in 2012, and it shortly reported that customers were flocking to them in droves.

Around the same time it axed most of its other plans, funneling most customers into the Share plans.

Most of the moves the big carriers have been making lately - like this and Sprint's "Easy Pay" plans - can be attributed to T-Mobile's "Un-carrier" shakeup of the mobile carrier business.