Stan and Vodafone climb into bed together

Stan Vodafone partnership

Did the peeps at Vodafone and Stan catch advance word of Presto's arrival on smartphones? Because today they announced a content partnership that promises to "give Vodafone customers access to thousands of hours of local and international content." How exactly? No one knows.

So, three cheers for speculation! Chances are the deal will bundle a Stan subscription in with your Vodafone bill. Sadly, that doesn't mean you'll have unmetered data while accessing the service, so keep a close eye on your usage.

Vodafone Australia CEO Iñaki Berroeta hinted that the deal may resemble Vodafone's arrangement with Spotify, which would see the subscription included with the telco's pricier Red plans, but Berroeta and Stan CEO Mike Sneesby remained resolutely tight-lipped when pressed for more details.

All we really know is that a deal has been struck, and Vodafone promises to announce details in the next few weeks. Until then we'll continue enjoying our 30-day free trial.

More blips!

More details to follow... and more blips, too!