Vodafone's new Shared plans let you pool data across devices

Vodafone Shared

If you're paying a separate bill for every device in your house, Vodafone thinks it can make your life simpler. Announcing Vodafone Shared today, the telco will let customers share data, voice and text across up to 10 devices, pooling the family's various plans into one easy bill.

Arriving in March, the deal will see users signing up for one primary 12 or 24-month month Red plan (from $50) and then adding additional shared plans for the household's other phones and tablets.

These additional devices will share in the data, text and talk pool, rather than standing alone, with the additional benefit of access to the Vodafone Red plan's $5 Roaming, Data WorkOut and 300 international calling minutes.

Show me the money

Of course every additional plan adds to the overall cost, starting at $30 per month for unlimited talk and text when bundled with a Red plan and adding 1GB of data to the family pool.

Further data can also be purchased to add to top up the total, with $10 nabbing an extra 1GB of shared data, or $30 for 4GB.

Vodafone Australia CEO Iñaki Berroeta said he hoped the deal would see data usage increase without customers suffering from bill shock. He acknowledged this would scare customers away from using their data more freely, a situation Vodafone naturally wants to avoid.

Vodafone Shared will be available to new, upgrading and current Red plan customers.