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Samsung Mobile leaks 'new' Galaxy handset on Facebook

Samsung Mobile leaks new Galaxy handset on Facebook
Real? Fake? Need for Speed!?

Samsung Mobile South Africa has just posted a photo of an unknown handset, with a cryptic caption of "share the entertainment" on its Facebook page.

Spotted by a TechRadar tipster, the handset appears to sport a similar design to the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 – with dual speakers at the top and bottom of the device, which also features a metallic boarder surrounding the front of the phone.

However we know it's not a tablet, as there is a physical home button flanked by two touch keys below the screen – sporting a very similar look to the setup on the Galaxy S2.

Galaxy Note 2 ahoy?

Of course people may jump straight to thinking that this is an early leak of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, however closer inspection would suggest otherwise, with the screen not appearing big enough to be the successor to the gigantic 5.3-inch display of the original Galaxy Note.

The design is reminiscent of a supposed leaked shot of the Galaxy S3, which turned out to be a fake – but Samsung may still be considering the slightly unusual design for future handsets.

Just the other day we saw Samsung Pakistan accidentally post a photo on its Facebook page, claiming first to be the Galaxy S3 and then re-posting it as the Note – both of which were incorrect and quickly removed.

So we're not holding out too much hope that this is a bona fide press shot, as it could just as easily be another fake, but it's got our attention - for now.

Thanks to @BrianLatouf for the tip!