Australian Galaxy S4 blasting off in style at Sydney Opera House

Samsung Galaxy S4 Australian invite
Hopefully the launch won't implode

Following the theatrical success of the Galaxy S4's Broadway debut last month, Samsung is bringing its upcoming Android super phone to Australia's most iconic venue, the Sydney Opera House.

Media invites to the phone's launch arrived in excited journalist's inboxes today, with the event slated for Tuesday April 23.

There's no official word of pricing or availability yet, which is likely to be announced at the event. But given the global rollout of the handset is expected to arrive by the end of April, it would be surprising if there's a long delay after the launch.

With the Opera House booked to stage the event, it seems Samsung Australia is likely to try and capture some of the theatrics of the New York launch last month. And that's fine by us - we just hope there's no ninja-like appearances from Ricki-Lee Coulter.

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