Peloton's live workout classes are now available on Roku – here's how to sign up

Peloton app
(Image credit: Peloton)

Peloton's home workout app is now available on Roku devices, so you can stream live studio classes at home. The app is rolling out in the US right now, and is due to arrive in the UK in mid-July.

Peloton is perhaps best known for its interactive studio cycling and treadmill classes, but its app also covers a huge range of other workouts, including yoga, strength training, outdoor running (via the mobile app) and even meditation, all led by professional coaches.

The apps's arrival on Roku means it's now available on all major streaming platforms, including Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

How to try it

The Peloton app is available free for 30 days, so you can try it for a month before committing to it. To try it, you'll need to sign up for Peloton's digital membership and then download it.

This requires entering payment details, but you won't be charged if you cancel before the 30 days are up. After that, the app costs $12.99 / £12.99 a month (about the same as the average music streaming service).

Cat Ellis

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