New Nintendo Switch bundle deals include free Pokemon Sword or Shield

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The Currys Black Friday sale has kicked off super early this year and the UK store is leading the way for gamers too with a selection of jaw-dropping Nintendo Switch bundles.

You can now order the newest version of the Nintendo Switch (the battery lasts longer than the older launch model), with a FREE copy of either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield - two of the hottest games of the year on Ninty's super handheld hybrid. An absolute steal at just £279.99.

If you already have a Switch at home or aren't bothered about having the option of playing the games on your TV, then you might have been eyeing up the budget version console that works in handheld mode only, the Nintendo Switch Lite. Well, you're in for a treat too as you can get the game for just an extra £20 on top of the cheaper console's price of £199. 

And seeing as Black Friday isn't rolling around until the end of the month, you might well be feeling a little cautious about diving in this early. Well, Currys hears you and will refund the difference if prices drop the price any lower on Black Friday. We honestly don't see the competition beating these prices though, so Currys will be fairly confident about not having to do that. Nintendo is notorious for not dropping prices much on hardware and the Switch will be the most in-demand console between now and Christmas, so it'll be sticking to its Joy-Cons for sure. 

If you're a little unsure about which version of the game to pick up then check out our article on the Pokemon Sword and Shield differences. Ready to buy now? Then check out the Pokemon Switch deals below. If Pokemon isn't what you're after with your new console though, be sure to keep an eye on our regularly-updated guide to the latest Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals and we'll tell you about all the different bundles for the Lite too with our guide to the latest Nintendo Switch Lite prices.

These Nintendo Switch bundles have just been further improved by Currys as they now come with a free six-month subscription to Spotify Premium.

The hottest Nintendo Switch Pokemon bundles

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch | Pokemon Sword | £324 £279 at Currys
A £44 saving on the brand new Pokemon Shield Switch bundle is more than we could have hoped for in all honesty and we'd be very surprised if stock is still available come Black Friday itself. This same deal is available on the version of the console with grey controllers too.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch | Pokemon Shield | £324 £279 at Currys
If you like the look of Zamazenta as an obtainable Legendary then you'll want to pick up Pokemon Shield instead of Sword. You're getting the same fantastic (ridiculous) price too. And if those flashy neon red/blue controllers are a bit much, the grey version is the same price at Currys.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite | Pokemon Sword | £244 £219 at Currys
Nintendo's handheld-only version of the console is getting in on the action too with a discounted copy of Pokemon Shield. You're not getting it for free here, but that's because the budget console itself has only just been released recently too. Also available for the same price in yellow, grey or the special Pokemon edition.


Nintendo Switch Lite | Pokemon Shield| £244 £219 at Currys
Pokemon Shield is available with a Switch Lite for the same discounted price as Pokemon Sword and just like the deal on the full-sized Switch mentioned earlier, we don't see this being beaten this year. If you don't fancy the yellow console, then the same deal is running on the grey, turquoise or Pokemon editions of the handheld.

If the Nintendo Switch bundles haven't convinced you it's time to buy just yet, then maybe you'd be more interested in our roundups of the latest Xbox One deals or cheap PS4 deals.

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