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The cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite prices and bundle deals

nintendo switch lite prices
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The wait is over, the Nintendo Switch Lite has finally been released and you can order it right now. And while the Nintendo Switch Lite prices are going to be similar at most merchants for a while, we're here to show you the latest deals at the best online retailers to make sure you don't pay too much.

We're checking through all the best stores selling the handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite, which we're predicting will be another big hitter if the popularity of the regular Nintendo Switch deals are anything to go by.

If you're still not sure how the Switch Lite is different from the original console and which one you should buy, then don't worry as we've got you covered with a handy Q&A after our comparison chart on the cheapest prices and deals for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The best Black Friday Nintendo Switch Lite deals

If the offers below aren't quite what you're after, then have no fear. Black Friday 2019 is just around the corner and it's an excellent opportunity to find discounts on Nintendo gaming systems. Lucky for you we've put together a Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals guide so you can find all the top savings in one place.  

The best Nintendo Switch prices

We've compiled a list of the latest and cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite deals below. Most of the prices at this early stage are for the console on its own. We don't expect to see many bundles with discounted games until after the initial release. The comparison charts below will find you the cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite prices for each color available.

yellow nintendo switch lite prices deals

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turquoise nintendo switch lite deals bundles prices

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gray nintendo switch lite deals prices bundles

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cheap nintendo switch lite deals pokemon

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Nintendo Switch Lite bundles

Nintendo Switch Lite | FIFA 20 | £219 at Currys
Also includes six months of Spotify Premium. FIFA 20 is a fantastic choice for handheld play on the Nintendo Switch Lite. It still costs around £40 on its own, so you're essentially getting it for half price with this Switch Lite bundle. This will be a red hot item for Christmas we imagine. Available in grey, yellow and turquoise.
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Nintendo Switch Lite | The Witcher 3 | £229 at Currys
We're still a bit amazed a game of The Witcher 3's magnitude is available on the Nintendo Switch and this is a fantastic handled bundle available on the grey and turquoise versions. Switchcraft!
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Nintendo Switch Lite | Zelda: Link's Awakening | £219 at Currys
Also includes six months of Spotify Premium. This really is an exceptionally hot Nintendo Switch Lite bundle - we didn't even expect Black Friday to offer up such a big new game with this much money off with the new console. Currys really wants to stand out at launch though and it's annihilated the competition today. This deal is available with either the yellow, grey or turquoise versions of the new handheld console.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | Zelda: Breath of the Wild | £229 at Currys
Also includes six months of Spotify Premium. Yes, this bundle costs more for an older game but this isn't a remake of a retro title here, this is the Zelda title that's been rated not only as the best Switch game, but one of the best games of all time. And all this time after release, it still costs close to £50. So if you're not bothered about the top-down remake of the older game that is Link's Awakening, this is the way to go. Like the other deal, you can get this with the yellow, grey or turquoise console.
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Nintendo Switch Lite | Minecraft | £199 at Currys
Also includes six months of Spotify Premium. Minecraft is fairly cheap nowadays, but you get if for absolutely nothing in this Nintendo Switch Lite bundle deal from Currys. We'd be tempted to pay more for one of the fancier games instead though to be honest. This deal is available with the grey, yellow or turquoise Switch Lites.
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Here are some more Switch Lite bundles from Currys. All of these deals come with six months of Spotify Premium too.

Nintendo Switch Lite release date

The Nintendo Switch Lite was released September 20 around the world. This ensured it was out in time for the Christmas shopping season, where we expect it will be seriously popular along with the regular Nintendo Switch which has been the most in-demand gaming console for the last few years now.

And while we don't see the Nintendo Switch Lite price dropping any time this year, you could hope to see some discounted software bundled in around Black Friday.

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How much is the Nintendo Switch Lite?

The MSRP Nintendo Switch Lite price in the US is $199.99. In the UK the RRP is down as £199.99. And in Australia the Switch Lite costs $329.99. So make sure you're not paying any more than these prices unless you're getting some additional extras like extra games or accessories.

What colors does the Nintendo Switch Lite come in?

Most stores are stocking the Nintendo Switch Lite in yellow, gray or turquoise. We've shown the prices for each of these versions above. These are the main colors but Pokemon fans have one extra option to consider. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition will be available on November 11 to celebrate the upcoming release of the Pokemon Sword and Shield titles. This console is a lighter gray and has blue controls on the left and red on the right. There's an etched illustration of the characters on the back too. This version costs the same as the other color options, but does not come with either game. That being said, we think this version will sell out fast, so bear that in mind if this is on a loved one's Christmas list. We've spotted a few early pre-orders over at Best Buy (US), Very (UK) and JB Hi-Fi (Australia).

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How is the Nintendo Switch Lite different?

The Nintendo Switch Lite can not be used to play games on your TV. It does not come with a dock and you can't plug an HDMI cable into it from your TV. There are no plans to release a separate dock to make it compatible with TVs and you can not use the dock that comes with an original Nintendo Switch either.

The screen on the Switch light measures 5.5-inches across compared to 6.2-inches on the full-sized Nintendo Switch - both display a 720p resolution.

A small number of Nintendo Switch games are not fully playable in handheld mode so they won't work properly with a Switch Lite either unless you use an additional controller like the Pro controller or a pair of Joy-Cons (all sold separately). So anything that needs to be played in docked or tabletop mode is going to be a bit of a pain. We're mainly talking about titles like Mario Party, 1-2 Switch, Fitness Boxing, Just Dance and Nintendo Labo.

Until you pick up some Joy-Cons you'll also have zero access to any sort of optional motion controls either which is a shame for using weapons like bows and swords in games like Zelda or Skyrim. Once you buy those additional Joy-Con controllers, you're very close to the price of a regular Nintendo Switch which comes with a pair anyways. There are no rumble vibration features in the Lite either.

Why is the Nintendo Switch Lite cheaper?

The Nintendo Switch Lite features a smaller screen than the regular Nintendo Switch and does not feature removable controllers. The biggest difference though is that you can not play it on a TV as there's no way to 'dock it'. So while you're making a saving, it might be worth opting for the full-size version instead if you want to play games on the TV too at some point. We've rounded up the cheapest Nintendo Switch prices too though.

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Should I buy a regular Nintendo Switch or a Lite? 

The Nintendo Switch Lite would arguably be a great purchase for families that already own a regular Nintendo Switch and multiple people regularly want to play at once (but perhaps a different game). And if some of them generally play in handheld mode away from the TV most of the time already then even better. You can also use your regular Switches controllers to reclaim the motion controls on games too.

If you don't own a Switch already, the lower price point is very tempting, but we think you'd be missing out on some of the Switch's best features by removing motion controls from games. And once you've paid for a set of controllers too you've basically paid the price of a regular Switch.

Not being able to play games on your TV is really going to hurt when you fire up gorgeous classics like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Witcher 3 or Super Mario Odyssey. These are titles that are much more enjoyable on the big screen at home.

If you travel a lot though and are going to spend most of your Switch gaming time on a commute or in the back of a car, then the Switch Lite might be a solid pick for you or the family.

Looking for something to play on Ninty's super popular console? Be sure to check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch games.