New TCL mini LED TVs are too good for your PS5 and Xbox Series X

The TCL C73 4K QLED in a room next to two Wiis and and two Xbox controllers
(Image credit: TCL)

TCL’s new range of mini LED and QLED TVs is here for 2022, and the gamers amongst you look to be in for a treat.

As part of the brand’s European product launch, we got a chance to hear about four all-new, TVs that are set to launch by the second half of the year. But for those of you after a top-tier gaming experience, your eyes should be firmly on three of them: the TCL C93K, C83K, and C73K.

That’s because not only do these 4K TVs promise Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and HDR10+ support to help you achieve audio and visual excellence, but you’ll also have access to gaming at a 144HZ refresh rate and support for FreeSync Premium.

Whether you’re in a competitive multiplayer match or trying to take down a tricky boss in a solo campaign, these extra frames could give you just the edge you need.

This will be available on all sizes of the TCL C93K and C83K ranges, but only the 55-inch and 65-inch models in the C73K lineup.

Right now console gamers can’t take advantage of this - as even the PS5 and Xbox Series X top out at 120Hz at 4K. That said, firmware or hardware upgrades could unlock higher framerate modes, and PC gamers looking to game on a massive display could see the benefits almost instantly with the right rig.

The TCL C93K 4K Mini LED showing off a flower

(Image credit: TCL)

Additionally, all three of these TVs will offer a Game Master Pro menu that puts all the gaming settings into one place.

TCL has yet to confirm prices or release dates for these models, but from what we’ve seen it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on these TVs if you’re looking to upgrade your home cinema setup to be as good for gaming as possible.

Beyond the games

Gaming isn’t everything though, and thankfully these TVs excel in other areas.

The mini LED TVs, the C93K and C83K, are both IMAX Enhanced. This means that the TVs meet the standards set by IMAX and DTS in terms of resolution, color brightness, and audio fidelity. They also feature a special IMAX mode that kicks in when you’re watching IMAX enhanced content (like the MCU films on Disney Plus).

That said, for the best audio experience, you may need to pick up one of our picks for the best soundbar. The C93K offers 2.1.2. channel audio - with two up-firing speakers that can actually take advantage of its Dolby Atmos codec - but that’s still not too many speakers overall. 

The C83K lacks up-firing speakers entirely, so you’ll need a Dolby Atmos compatible soundbar too if you want to experience excellent audio.

Unfortunately the C73K 4K QLED TV isn’t IMAX Enhanced, but we expect it’ll be a more budget-friendly option as a result.

TCL's C83K mini LED TV in a bright, white living room

(Image credit: TCL)

For those on an even tighter budget, you might like the C63K LCD TV. It lacks the gaming support and premium IMAX Enhanced classification but will offer a 4K image. 

Plus, the C93K, C83K, and C73K TCL use the Google TV operating system, while the C63K uses Android TV. This will give you access to plenty of nifty features and apps so you can stream your favorite shows and films to your heart’s content.

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