NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro is the ultimate retro gaming Prime Day gift

If you've been following the retro gaming scene in the past couple of years, you might have noticed that miniature versions of retro consoles have been hot stuff. The NeoGeo Arcade Stick, a peripheral which also includes a collection of old SNK games you've probably seen at the arcades in one form or another over the years, is one of the best. 

For Prime Day, Amazon is discounting the NeoGeo Arcade Stick, which is both a standalone console and an actual arcade stick you can use when playing other games. Just hook it up to your TV via HDMI and enjoy these classics on the big screen. 

Most of SNK's most famous games series are represented here, like King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug and Samurai Showdown. It's a more niche selection than your SNES Classic or PlayStation Mini, but that's sort of what's great about it. 

Not in the US? No problem. Scroll down for a price comparison on the NeoGeo Mini where you are. 

Here's the deal:

NeoGeo Prime Day deals

NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro: $129.99 $96 at Amazon
An all-in-one console with 20 games that can also be used as a

NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro: $129.99 $96 at Amazon
An all-in-one console with 20 games that can also be used as a controller, this is worth considering if you want more of an arcade-style retro gaming experience. It outputs at 720p on TVs.

NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro Player Pack:$229.99$159.99 at Amazon

NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro Player Pack: $229.99 $159.99 at Amazon
If you want a more expensive retro gaming option, but one that closely replicates the arcade experience, consider this SNK-themed unit. It comes with 20 classic games and two controllers, and hooks up to PS4, PS3 and Switch as a controller – though we haven't tested it ourselves.

Check out our best retro gaming consoles list if you want other, similar recommendations. There are enough of them around now to fill pretty much every retro gaming niche you can think of. Let's hope they get around to a Dreamcast Mini one day...

More NeoGeo Mini deals

If you're not in the US, check out a quick price comparison chart on the NeoGeo Mini below:

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