League of Legends movies could be on the way, as ex-Netflix exec joins Riot Games

Wild Rift
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Riot Games, creator of popular free-to-play multiplayer titles League of Legends and Valorant, has an interesting new hire in the form of Brian Wright. Wright, formerly an executive at Netflix, joins Riot as the company's chief content officer.

As reported by IGN, Wright will assist with the development of new film, animation and TV projects for Riot's entertainment division. This might include Arcane, an animated League of Legends series that's coming to Netflix later in the year.

On joining Riot Games, Wright said he was "beyond thrilled" to be part of the company. "I can't wait to bring more vibrant stories to players and fans around the world," he added.

Wright had quite the track record at Netflix, too. He previously worked on hit shows like Stranger Things and (the admittedly controversial) 13 Reasons Why. His new role will involve bringing popular Riot properties to various media such as animation and film.

Analysis: League isn't going anywhere

Riot already had big plans for League of Legends in particular. Not only is the MOBA going strong on PC (and mobile thanks to League of Legends: Wild Rift), other projects are also in the works. Riot is also working on a League of Legends RPG, Ruined King, as well as a fighting game currently codenamed Project L.

League of Legends is Riot's baby, and as one of the most popular games on the planet, it's only natural that the company would want to expand the property to encompass as many different forms of media as possible. The hiring of an ex-Netflix executive like Brian Wright plays into this.

League of Legends is loaded with interesting lore and characters, so we're definitely excited to see which elements of League's overarching narrative could be explored in the realms of film and animation.

Hopefully the expansion into these mediums won't be too much, too fast, though. There's already a fair amount of League of Legends projects in the works, so we'd be interested to see Riot bring other properties, like Valorant, to our favorite streaming platforms.

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