iPhone 13 Pro may have leaked in rose gold, but we're not sure it's real

An artist's impression of the iPhone 13 in pink
TechRadar's artist's impression of an iPhone 13 in a new pink shade (Image credit: TechRadar)

The iPhone 13 Pro is rumored to land in a new rose gold shade, and a new leak may have given us a hint at what it will look like when it debuts, but we're not sure it's real.

Rose gold is a popular shade in Apple's products, but we've yet to see it on an iPhone Pro product, with the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max opting for black, silver and sunset gold as its colors.

This new leak comes from Majin Bu on Twitter, and there are photos of the handset that you can see below. Take this all with a pinch of salt though as we're not entirely certain this will make its way to shop shelves.

Even Majin Bu's tweet suggests the source isn't certain of these devices. He says this is, "probably a variant discarded or planned for the future." He also says he has no further information about the handset.

The leaked images match with almost every other rumor we've seen for the iPhone 13 Pro, and the source has previously been correct on some iPhone 12 information so they clearly have solid sources.

That said, this may not be rose gold. In fact, Apple Insider has speculated that the iPhone 13 Pro pictured may be a graphite or a black variant of the handset pictured in some bright lighting.

Analysis: More colors for the Pro iPhone is a good thing

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max (Image credit: Apple)

Apple's iPhone Pro series is always the most limited for color options. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max only came in three shades each, while the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 debuted in five colors, with a sixth coming at the start of 2021.

We don't expect to see any big and bold shades on the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max, but the introduction of a new rose gold option would be a positive thing for many who want something a touch more exciting.

Exactly what rose gold will look like on an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max is unclear, unless the photos above are real, but many will be excited for a slightly different color choice on their upcoming phone.

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