How to watch Antiques Roadshow online: stream every episode new and old anywhere

watch antiques roadshow online
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We could all settle in with some comforting television right now, and there are few shows that can envelop you quite as snugly as Antiques Roadshow. The beloved series started off in the UK in 1979, and has spawned a multitude of international versions, most notably Antiques Roadshow US. It’s timeless, expertly-crafted TV, and you can watch Antiques Roadshow online from anywhere in the world today - including for free in many countries.

How to watch Antiques Roadshow online free

New episodes of Antiques Roadshow US come out every Monday night from January 4, 2021, and air on PBS at 8 pm ET/PT. Full streaming details are below, including how to watch Antiques Roadshow free online in the UK using BBC iPlayer - and you can take your preferred coverage with you wherever you are with the help of a good VPN.

We all know the format. Collectors, enthusiasts and hopeful hoarders from far and wide present their wares to the show's expert team of specialists... and pray that they're not about to look like a fool on national television.

The line distinguishing trash from treasure can be a fine one, and watching the experts cast their eye over family heirlooms, flea market bargains and decades-old gems rescued from attics, garages and basements is quite something to behold. 

Whether it's a patched-up porcelain pot, a mysterious manuscript or a weathered and wonky wardrobe, sit back and enjoy a journey through time as the experts uncover the truth about a delightfully eclectic hodgepodge of precious items. 

It's the show that never gets old, and here's how to watch Antiques Roadshow online from wherever you are in the world.

How to watch Antiques Roadshow online from outside your country

If you're outside your normal country of residence and try to access your usual streaming service, the chances are geo-blocking restrictions will prevent that - leaving you unable to watch Antiques Roadshow online.

Luckily, the solution is simple. Downloading the best VPN will allow you to watch Antiques Roadshow online no matter where you are. This invaluable bit of software alters your IP address so that you can watch all your favorite shows live or on demand, just as if you were back at home lounging on the sofa. 

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watch antiques roadshow online

How to watch Antiques Roadshow US online in America


There are 24 seasons of the US version of Antiques Roadshow to binge on, and they're all available to stream via the PBS Online player. What's more, new episodes from season 25 are landing on PBS every Monday at 8 pm ET/PT.

To stream the show online you need to become a Thirteen Passport member, which requires a minimum donation of $5 per month, or $60 per year. If you sign up every month, this payment will recur each month until you cancel your membership.

If you're away from the US right now, a good VPN will let you connect to your IPTV service back home, so you can watch Antiques Roadshow from anywhere. 

But if you’d rather download Antiques Roadshow, you can buy individual episodes or seasons from Amazon.

You can also watch some episodes of the UK version of Antiques Roadshow on BBC America. If you don't have a cable package with BBC America included, signing up to an OTT provider like FuboTV or Sling will be your best bet – and new subscribers can claim a free 7-day trial with either.

watch antiques roadshow free online uk

How to watch Antiques Roadshow FREE online in the UK


In the UK, which is of course the spiritual home of Antiques Roadshow, you can watch episodes free online via the BBC iPlayer streaming service. The service doesn't cost a penny, though you should possess a valid TV license.

Antiques Roadshow is now in its 43rd series, but unfortunately, only the latest episodes are available to watch on-demand on iPlayer.  

Not in the UK right now? Brits abroad need only follow the instructions below and download a quality VPN to watch Antiques Roadshow just like you would at home.

watch antiques roadshow online free australia

How to watch Antiques Roadshow online for free in Australia


Aussie fans can watch Antiques Roadshow UK FREE courtesy of the ABC iView streaming service, which is offering a selection of not quite brand-new but recent episodes. 

You can also tune in on 9Now - all you need to do is register with your e-mail address and provide your local, Australian zip code and you can watch series 37 of the show on the house.

Remember, should you find yourself outside of Oz right now, you can always use a VPN to access the streaming service you would normally use at home. 

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