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The beginning of March traditionally marks the start of new products season in the world of tech.

It's the time when all the exciting kit that was announced at IFA at the end of last year and at CES in January starts making its way onto the shelves and into our testing labs.

We probably won't have to tell you that Apple's new iPad is one of these products. It was only announced on Tuesday but it'll go on sale at the end of next week.

You can also expect graphics cards, TVs, Blu-ray players, tablets, phones, cameras... You get the idea. It's the start of the reviews season! Let's go!


Hands on: New iPad review

We're still calling it the iPad 3, how about you? Whatever you end up knowing it as, be it iPad 3 or new iPad, you've not heard the last of it. Not by a long shot. That's because it's the most impressive iPad ever, and it's going to sell more units than an Irish pub on St Paddy's Day.

The stand-out feature is that retina display, which offers up a resolution of 2048 x 1536 at 264 pixels per inch. It's also got more powerful graphics to drive that higher resolution which should lead to some very pretty games and apps. On the downside it's also slightly thicker and marginally heavier than the iPad 2, which can now be had for as little as £329.

AMD Radeon HD 7870 review

The AMD Radeon HD 7870 arrives alongside the Radeon HD 7850 to complete the line-up of AMD's next-gen graphics cards. The 7870 is a step down from the 7970 and a step up from the 7770, theoretically putting it firmly in the performance/price sweet spot.

The fact AMD has included the full Graphics Core Next feature set is something to be applauded. It may not have the straight performance edge over the previous generation, but it's got a lot more extras to back it up. We can't ignore the awesome overclocking potential in the Pitcairn chip either. There's no guarantee all AMD Radeon HD 7870s will be able to clock this high, but there is at least precedence.

Samsung UE55ES8000 review

The UE55ES8000 is Samsung's most uncompromising TV yet. From the moment you first behold its almost sci-fi design and bold, dynamic pictures, you'll be entranced. Crucial to this performance is the introduction of a dual-core processor to the Samsung UE55ES8000, since this makes the smart TV services more comprehensive and slick to navigate and delivers palpable benefits to picture quality.

Admittedly you'll need to calm these pictures for normal domestic viewing, but once that's done pictures still look hugely impressive. And your admiration only grows as you explore the TV's revolutionary interfaces and the depth of its online and multimedia functionality. There are still things Samsung can improve, but as the first true next generation TV of 2012, the Samsung UE55ES8000 throws down a terrifyingly big gauntlet for the following pack to pick up.

AMD Radeon HD 7850 review

The fact AMD has filled out these lower-caste cards with all the same features as their higher-end brethren is refreshing, as is the fact that we'll get all the HD 7850 goodness in such small footprints as 7.8-inches. Again, it's the same Graphics Core Next story – the overclocking headroom is immense. The OC path is the only way to get the most out of these cards. Sadly that's also part of the problem. At stock speeds both the HD 7870 and this AMD HD 7850 are rather uninspiring, and it takes ramping up clockspeeds yourself to get the real performance out of them. That's a bit of a shame as most people probably wont take the risk with their new hardware. These pint-sized cards pack some impressive punch for sub-£200 GPUs, but only if you take the risk overclocking them.

Hands on: ZTE N910 review

Sorry N910 - it's not us, it's you. You feel cheap and insubstantial to hold, you're chunky and you don't even work properly. We're prepared to give you a second chance, but if these annoyances continue in our full ZTE N910 review, then we're sorry but it's over.


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