HP Webcam HD 5210 review

'High definition' webcam, for a high price

HP Webcam HD 5210
Good quality for a webcam - but it's not the best

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    Pretty good image quality

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    Great recording quality via dual microphones

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    Good software


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    Not amazing image quality

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    Weak base

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If you have friends, family and loved ones spread across every corner of the world, then getting a decent webcam is pretty essential. While budget and built-in webcams do the trick, spending a little extra on a better webcam can make all the difference to those you're talking to.

At around £90 in the UK or $99 in the US, the HP Webcam HD 5210 is not a minor purchase, sitting firmly at the higher price end of the webcam market. It's also a rather altruistic expenditure - after all, those who will benefit the most out of your investment in a decent webcam are other people.

The HP Webcam HD 5210 is a very good webcam, although £90 is still a lot to ask for it.

Image quality is alright, bur don't let the declarations of 'Full HD 1080p' make you think that you'll be getting Blu-ray-quality footage from this camera. Details are OK, but not great, and the image is a little blocky.

Still, it's good for a webcam, and considering the strain that higher quality footage would put yours and your contact's broadband bandwidth under.

The dual-noise cancelling microphones are much better at convincing us that the HP Webcam HD 5210 is worth the money with effective elimination of ambient noises - even in busy environments.

Buttons on the top of the camera enable you to quickly load up instant messaging programs, or the video effects software that comes with the camera.

A nice touch, but the flimsy stand means that when you push the button, you end up moving the camera, which could be annoying if you've spent a while setting it to point just where you want it to.

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Managing Editor, Core Tech

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