Garmin Forerunner 955 could launch in September, new hints suggest

Garmin Forerunner 945
Garmin Forerunner 945 (Image credit: TechRadar)

Garmin could be set to launch a pair of fitness trackers in September according to a new set of FCC ID applications, with a new smart scale following later in the year.

Two applications for smartwatches were granted on July 14, plus one application for a scale – but what could they be?

Back in November 2019, a sharp-eyed developer discovered a huge list of new devices tucked away in the Garmin Connect app's installation files. Many of these were already available to buy at the time of the discovery, and some others (including the new Garmin Tactix Delta Solar) have been released since.

However, there are still several exciting names on the list, including a Garmin Forerunner 955 (following the flagship Forerunner 945) and a Forerunner 745 (a successor to the Forerunner 735 XT).

We can only make informed guesses at this point, but the list of devices spotted in the Garmin Connect app lists two versions of the Forerunner 955 (standard and LTE), so we're inclined to believe these are the two watches recently approved.

There's another mystery in the mix as well: what would the Garmin Forerunner 745 actually be? The 735XT is a strongly-selling 'budget' triathlon watch, and one could argue it's due a refresh as it's been on the market for four years.

However, a number of watches in the Garmin Forerunner range can handle triathlon capabilities, including the Forerunner 645. That said, the 645 is badged as a 'running watch' that can handle cycling and swimming too, where a 745 could pack some top features for triathletes that don't want to spend loads on a top-end 945 or Fenix 6.

The documentation accompanying the FCC applications includes a request for photos of the new watches to be kept under wraps until September 9, suggesting this may be Garmin's planned launch date. We'll keep you updated once we know more.

Weighty matters

We can safely say that the newly-listed smart scale is the Index Scale 2 (or Index S2), as mentioned in the Garmin Connect APK teardown. The original Garmin Index scale was released back in 2015, and is well overdue an update.

As Gadgets & Wearables reports, documentation for the scale suggests that it will not only be able to calculate your weight, BMI, muscle mass, water percentage, bone mass and body fat percentage, but also your heart rate and blood pressure.

It seems that the scale might launch after the new watches, though. A confidentiality request asks that pictures be kept under wraps until Garmin officially unveils the device, or 180 days after the application is granted, whichever comes first.

The FCC application was granted on July 14 2020, which would mean the images are under embargo until January 10 2021 at the latest. We can safely assume that Garmin wants to control the launch of the Index S2, and is therefore planning to release it before that date.

Late 2020 would certainly be a canny time to launch a new scale, as people start planning their new year's resolutions and plan to lose a few pounds at the start of the new year.

Source: Nicholas Margot (via email)

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