Rocket League alley-oops to Hoops next week

Rocket League alley-oops to Hoops next week

Rocket League is about to literally change the game, as the breakout hit soccer/racing hybrid sees its all-new basketball mode storm the court next week.

Debuting Tuesday, April 26, Rocket League's Hoops update adds a new twist on the soc-car game as well as a new arena dubbed the Dunk House.

Replacing the rectangular goalpost for a hoop-and-backboard, players will have to make the most of pulling off aerial maneuvers and ball trajectories to land those tricky shots.

Even Psyonix Design Director Corey Davis has called the mode more "hardcore" than the original soccer variant, announcing the game mode with a single screenshot of a car lining up a meticulous three-pointer.

Free throw

Rocket League Hoops is free to all players across every platform running the game, ensuring the community won't become bisected by the new mode.

Psyonix is so committed to the idea of keeping each version of the game equal that it even wants to nail down cross-console multiplayer between the PS4 and Xbox One.

Rocket League's brand of "demolition derby meets organized team play" has branched out to other sports, too, including a hockey modifier that replaced the ball with a puck during the holidays last year.

Those with real-world basketball allegiances can also buy the NBA Flag Pack for $1.99, which lets your car fly the officially licensed colors of your choice across all 30 NBA teams as you drive onto the court. That way, you can sink those dunks while doing your best impression of Kobe - you know, if Kobe were a four-wheeler.

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