Pokemon just got a lot more confusing


While Niantic is trying to fix all the problems of Pokémon Go, right now the Pokémon Company is distracting us with some more positive news.

A new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon has just arrived, dumping a load more Poké-news on us, and we're not sure where to start.


First up, Pokémon now have special forms for the tropical climate of Aloha, in which the games are set.

For example, Exeggutor, a Generation One classic, gets an extended neck, while Vulpix (fire type) and Sandshrew (ground) now have "Ice" forms.


Next, each type of Pokémon has a Z-move, an attack that's super powerful and can be used once per battle. That's new. Also, you can now ride Pokémon. Like, just jump on a Charizard and fly away like a total badass.

Third, it turns out that the Pokémon that looked like Donald Trump evolves into one that looks even more like Donald Trump. We're not kidding.

Finally, have gyms been removed entirely? It looks that way.


Meanwhile, the hype continues elsewhere with Go still proving massively popular, despite several problems with the game.

A new update from Niantic has removed footprint tracking from the game along with the power saving mode - both of which were causing problems, and which we hope to see restored soon.


Removing the footprints wouldn't be so much of an issue if third-party tracking sites hadn't also been taken down by request of Niantic, making the whole job of catching monsters more difficult than it was before.


Check out the new trailer below.

Hugh Langley

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