Upload in-game video to YouTube from PS3

PS3 on YouTube
PS3 on YouTube

Although it’s hard to see the value in watching someone else play their favourite videogame, Sony clearly believes it’s onto something after it started allowing PS3 players to upload clips of gameplay to YouTube.

The move comes just under a week after YouTube announced its API for allowing in-game video uploads was ready. Unsurprisingly, the first game to take advantage of the facility is a Japan-only PlayStation Network title.

Click and go

Mainichi Issho (Together Everyday) players simply have to choose to upload their most recent clip and - assuming account settings have been input - it appears immediately in their YouTube account.

If you want to see the function in action, here’s a demo from the Japanese game, but - we have to warn you - it’s far from riveting.

YouTube explains how it sees gamers using the ability: “Whether it's showing off that fantastic touchdown pass, car slide or karaoke sing-along, we hope that more user-generated content from games will make their way to YouTube and connect with the gamer communities.”

Frankly, it’s a grim picture, but if the standard of typical YouTube user comments is any guide, it’s sure to be a smash hit among that community.

For now, Sony Computer Entertainment is offering the software it added to Mainichi Issho to any game developer keen to add YouTube uploads, so it’s certain to spread rapidly.

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