PS4 tops US sales charts, but Xbox One closes in ahead of Titanfall

PS4 vs Xbox One sales numbers
Xbox One could come back with Titanfall

Sony is narrowly leading next-generation consoles sales in the US, as its PS4 hardware once again edged out the Xbox One in February.

PS4 sold approximately 287,000 units in the States last month, a number calculated by the fact that Xbox One unit sales were only 10% behind its chief rival.

Microsoft, citing NPD Group figures, said it sold 258,000 of its all-in-one console in the US. It said Xbox One sales are on "a record-breaking pace."

Because Microsoft is selling its Kinect-included system at a premium price, this actually puts the company ahead when counting up all of the dollars.

Prepare for Titanfall

PS4 has been leading Xbox One worldwide since the two systems launched in November 2013, but all of that could change this month.

The highly anticipated Titanfall US released date was March 11, while Australia received the game March 12. Its staggered launch ends in the UK later today.

This third-person shooter has the former Call of Duty developers behind it, so it's expected to move more Xbox One systems than other other game released in the first half of 2014.

That should make the Xbox One vs PS4 sales in March a much more interesting back-and-forth deathmatch.

Matt Swider