Just one week left to save £10 on a year's subscription to Disney Plus UK

Disney Plus UK deal

Disney Plus UK is nearly here in the UK, landing next Tuesday, March 24 after a long wait. Until March 23, pre-ordering a year's subscription of the service cuts the price down to £49.99 from £59.99. At launch, the new streaming service reverts to its normal yearly price, and you'll be able to grab it for £5.99 per month if you don't want to commit for a year. 

The good news is, you can already make a fairly informed decision about whether Disney Plus is for you or not. Disney Plus UK's launch line-up list is out in the wild, and it's very comprehensive, with all Star Wars movies, most Marvel movies and a big archive of Pixar stuff to watch. A few treats from the Fox catalogue make the cut, too. Check out our list of 5 highlights here. 

We've used the app extensively, too, and liked the interface, which seems identical for the UK launch based on our hands-on with it a couple of Fridays ago. Our review of Disney Plus when it launched in the US will give you some idea of what to expect from actually using the service. 

Here's the Disney Plus UK pre-order deal, if you think it sounds like it's for you:

Disney Plus annual subscription: 59.99 £49.99

Disney Plus annual subscription: £59.99 £49.99
Until launch, save £10 on a year of Disney Plus. This offer only runs until March 23, and it gives you 12 months to stream old and new Disney content to your heart's content. That includes Marvel, Star Wars and The Simpsons, among many others. 

Episodes of The Mandalorian will roll out weekly, unfortunately, but at least we're finally getting it. You'll also be able to watch the newest season of The Clone Wars when it gets here. In the first year, Disney Plus is scheduled to release The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (August), The Mandalorian season 2 (October) and WandaVision (December).

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