Death Stranding could be out on PC as soon as May 2020

Image credit: Kojima Productions

Death Stranding will only have a period of exclusivity for the PS4, before seeing a PC release, according to a fresh rumor.

Bear in mind that it is just a rumor, and nothing more at this point, but the source of the speculation, an Italian journalist by the name of Antonio Fucito, previously leaked the game’s release date correctly (before it was officially revealed as November 8 back on Wednesday).

In a livestream session, Fucito said that Death Stranding would be a PlayStation 4 exclusive for a set period, before releasing on PC (but not Xbox). Regarding the possible length of exclusivity period, he added: “I don’t know if it’s a 6 or 12 months exclusive.”

So we could potentially be looking at a PC release in May 2020, a year from now, or November 2020. Of course, that’s pure guesswork, and we still have to be cautious about any PC release happening at all.

Cover label

That said, there’s also the fact that the game’s PS4 front cover, which was shown at the end of the official trailer earlier this week, didn’t have the ‘Only on PS’ label, which previous PlayStation exclusives have carried – and that could be a further indication it won’t be solely tied to Sony’s console.

Previous chatter has also mulled whether Death Stranding might be destined for other platforms aside from the PlayStation.

Given that what little we know about the game so far tells us it’s all about making connections, and cities and communities being reconnected, with people no longer living behind ‘walls’, it would perhaps be a little ironic if it was walled-off behind Sony’s console ecosystem.

And as a further thought in the same vein which just occurred, if it really is coming to PC, maybe Death Stranding won’t be an Epic Games Store exclusive, too…

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