Death Stranding release date may have leaked a few hours early

Death Stranding
Image Credit: Kojima Productions

It's an exciting time for fans of auteur developer Hideo Kojima (Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid), whose upcoming title Death Stranding is set to get a new trailer on May 29. While we hoped to get more on a release date from the incoming trailer, it looks like that information might have come early. 

For a game concerned with ghostly handprints, big celebrity cameos, and resurrecting babies, we've been holding out hope that more information about what the game is actually about was on its way. Or some sign that we wouldn't have to wait much longer.

As reported by GamesRadar, an Italian journalist by the name of Antonio Fucito has posted a teasing tweet with the date "8th November" alongside the title of the upcoming game, suggesting we may be only months away from the highly-anticipated game hitting shelves and consoles around the world.

Any unsubstantiated rumors should be handled with a healthy scepticism, though Fucito has a reputation for accurate leaks about unreleased titles.

What makes the timing interesting is that we're only hours away from Kojima's much-teased Death Stranding trailer reveal, making imminent foreknowledge of the release date slightly more likely.

We'll likely find out whether Fucito is right or wrong later today, though given the slow gestation of Kojima's Norman Reedus simulator, a release date so soon may be too good to be true.

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