Can't afford an OLED TV? This giant 65-inch LG LCD TV just got £200 off

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If you're after a sizeable 65-inch 4K TV, now could be the time to buy. The LG UN7400 is a 4K HDR television that's just seen a hefty £200 discount at Currys for a 65-inch model, with decent savings on smaller versions too.

The 65-inch model is now retailing for £699, down from an initial £899 RRP. The 55-inch model has an even larger saving of £220, costing £529 down from £749. There's also a 50-inch model available for £499 (down from £599) and a 43-inch model available for £399 (down from £479).

As a 2020 model, it's a notable discount so soon after release, though we expect that economic uncertainty and limited footfall in retail stores may be pushing TV brands to shift new sets at a smaller profit margin. Either way, it means you can get a mid-spec 4K TV at a pretty reasonable price.

But what do you get for the price? This is a firmly mid-range television, meaning you won't get high-end HDR formats like Dolby Vision or HDR10+. You will, however, still get the basic HDR10, which will still elevate color and contrast beyond SDR (standard dynamic range), as well as the HLG broadcast standard, Freeview HD, and Freesat HD.

Today's best LG 4K TV deals

LG 65-inch 4K HDR smart TV |

LG 65-inch 4K HDR smart TV | £899 £699 at Currys
This mid-range LG TV offers 4K streaming and HDR10, along with LG's brilliant webOS smart TV platform and integrated Alexa / Google Assistant for voice commands. Don't expect premium performance, but it shouldn't fall short with these specs either.

LG 55-inch 4K HDR smart TV |

LG 55-inch 4K HDR smart TV | £749 £529 at Currys
The same as above, at the flagship 55-inch size, with an even larger £220 saving.

LG 50-inch 4K HDR smart TV |

LG 50-inch 4K HDR smart TV | £599 £499 at Currys
Can't fit a 55-inch TV into your living room comfortable? Shave off some screen with this 50-inch model, with an additional £30 saving over the model above.

LG 43-inch 4K HDR smart TV |

LG 43-inch 4K HDR smart TV | £479 £399 at Currys
For the cheapest option, check out this 43-inch model, which will set you back just £399 and boasts the same specifications as its larger siblings.

LG's most famous televisions are its OLED TVs, with new models like the LG CX garnering plenty of attention in our best TV buying guide. But even budget models like last year's LG B9 don't drop lower than £999, and those of you who can't justify that amount on a new TV purchase will still find a decent performance in more standard 4K TVs like the UN7400.

You'll get Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants built-in, too, meaning it's easy to connect the UN7400 with your other smart home devices. With Netflix now available on Google Nest Hub smart displays, though, you may want to consider a smaller screen if you mainly want to binge an episode or two while pottering around the kitchen.

This deals are UK specific. Wherever you are, though, you can check out the latest 4K TV deals below.

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