Google Nest Hub is the first smart display to get Netflix support

(Image credit: Google)

In welcome news for anyone currently with a Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max smart display on their home, support for the TV streaming service Netflix is finally rolling out to both devices.

It’s a big win for Google, given that Netflix has been painfully absent from any smart display for the past few years, making watching your favorite TV show while doing the washing up or similar much more limited than it should be.

The absence of Netflix made some sense with the Amazon Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 5 smart displays, given the pride of place given to Amazon Prime Video, but it’s been a hassle nonetheless for those hoping to use a Netflix subscription flexibly across all their different devices. Especially since casting Netflix has been supported by Google Chromecast for a while now.

As well as getting to watch the likes of Queer Eye or Castlevania on your Nest Hub, you'll also be able to make use of Google's Voice Match feature, meaning you can open your personal Netflix profile and resume your last-watched title just by using your voice.

Netflix for all (almost)

Support is rolling out globally, meaning this isn’t just for you, US readers – every region that sells Google Nest smart displays will be able to benefit from the change. Netflix joins a host of other Nest Hub supported services, including Disney Plus, Now TV, and All 4.

It’s a bit of a turnaround for Netflix, which only back in April was telling AndroidPolice that "we have no current plans to share for Netflix coming to Smart Displays."

However, devices like the Lenovo Smart Display or Amazon Echo Show still won't support the service, and we're yet to hear any plans for a rollout onto non-Google displays. We're assuming this is just the start of Netflix's expansion, but we'll keep you up to date with the latest announcements or rumors in the meantime.

Keep in mind that you will have to link your Netflix account to the Google account logged in to your Nest Hub. You can do this by going to your smart display and selecting Add > Videos and photos > Netflix > Link > Link Account.

Henry St Leger

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