Battletoads blasts onto Xbox Game Pass in August, 26 years after its NES debut

Battletoads release date
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

It’s been nearly three decades since Battletoads made its debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System, but the fighting trio of Rash, Zitz and Pimple are finally back on the big screen.

Battletoads arrives on Xbox Game Pass on August 20 and features three-player couch co-op. The multi-genre adventure sees players brawling, shooting, platforming and racing among the backdrop of a gorgeous new artstyle that’s reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon from the 80s.

Check out the explosive launch trailer below for a taste of the madness that awaits. Strangely, the game was omitted from Microsoft’s recent Xbox Games Showcase, despite being a first-party studios title.

Hopping mad

Battletoads still has a cult following among nostalgic gamers, and was created by Rare to rival the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games series. 

Will Battletoads be a ‘ribbeting’ return to form or best be ‘frogotten’? You can find out for yourself when the game launches on Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs and Steam, and as part of Xbox Game Pass.

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