Apple launch incoming: March 27 invite lands, saying 'Let's take a field trip'

Apple March 27

The world seems to love a big Apple event, so mark your cards for March 27, which is when the next one is happening. 

Media invites were just sent out with that date and the tagline "let's take a field trip", as well as a promise that any new devices will focus on "creative new ideas for teachers and students".

What's more, the event location is a high school in Chicago, so we're thinking this isn't the iPhone 2 SE

What it might be is cheaper MacBooks and iPads, designed especially for the education sector – Google's Chromebooks have been a hit in this area and Apple won't want its rival gaining any more ground.

There has been word on the Apple grapevine that a cheaper MacBook Air is on the way, so perhaps that's what Tim Cook and his fellow executives will be unveiling. We've also heard whispers about a successor to the entry-level iPad, so that's another possibility. Both would fit with the student theme.

Pencil in the date

Those two devices are certainly due a refresh and would make sense. Alternatively, perhaps it's a range of school satchels and lunchboxes – it's difficult to be certain at the moment. 

Apple may save its hardware refresh news for its WWDC developer conference later in the year, which kicks off on June 4.

In the absence of any solid information to go off, we could try over-analyzing the invite logo, which you can see in the picture above – that definitely has the air of an Apple Pencil drawing, so that would back up the iPad theory. 

Previous reports suggest a new, cheaper iPad could start at just $259 (roughly £185/AU$335) – perfect for the school term.

Based on a patent leak from February, perhaps Apple is planning to launch a Pencil that works on any surface, and can even write in the air. 

It would seem a bit soon for that, considering the filing date, but we'll be watching the event on March 27 with an open mind – and will bring you the most important news.

David Nield
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