Amazon's Galaxy S10 deal will net Aussies the Samsung flagship fast

Image credit: Samsung

If you’re a keen early adopter of new tech, then you’ll know that to get a newly released handset you either need to stand in line outside a flagship store or authorised retailer, or you’ll need to spend time online trying to pre-order it through your chosen carrier. There’s no guarantee, though, that you’ll get the phone on day one.

There is, however, an easier way to ensure you get the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S10 range before anyone else does.

Samsung has chosen to partner with Amazon Australia so customers Down Under can pre-order their new Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus or the more affordable Galaxy S10e directly via the e-commerce giant with just a few easy clicks.

Pre-orders on Amazon Australia are now open and are available until midnight March 7. Delivery of the device will begin on March 8, the day Samsung releases the handsets. 

You don't need a Prime cut

While Amazon has always given priority to its Prime members when it comes to shipping costs and delivery, the online marketplace won’t be discriminating this time round.

Anyone who pre-orders the 2019 Samsung handsets before midday on March 6 will receive priority shipping, whether or not you are a Prime member. Amazon will deliver the new Galaxy S10 phones to its customers on March 8, with 90% of the country’s population covered under that promise.

And here's what you'll be paying to snag one of the Galaxy S10 smartphones: 

Samsung has added an incentive for Australians to pre-order its brand new flagship handsets. Each pre-order will receive a bonus set of its new Galaxy Buds true wireless headphones valued at $249.

Anyone pre-ordering via Amazon will receive the Buds along with their phones in the same shipment.

All things Samsung

The new phones and the Galaxy Buds aren’t the only Samsung goodies you can buy on Amazon. The shopping giant is also stocking the entire range of original Samsung accessories for the new handsets, which won’t be available anywhere else other than the manufacturer’s own flagship stores.

Amazon now also stocks the South Korean company's wearables and tablets, making it a convenient one-stop shop for all things Samsung.

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