Amazon is once again selling Apple TV and Google Chromecast

Hear that? That's the sound of Apple TV and Google Chromecast making their way back to Amazon's store shelves after a two-year absence. 

Amazon has confirmed to TechRadar that the online retail powerhouse is "assorting Apple TV and Chromecast," meaning Amazon is offering them for sale on its site. CNET was first to report the products' return.

Amazon plans to offer three Apple TV and two Google Chromecast models: the Apple TV 4K 32GB, the Apple TV 4K 64GB, the Apple TV 32GB (fourth gen), the Google Chromecast and the Google Chromecast Ultra.

Neither the Apple TV nor the Google Chromecast are currently available on Amazon in the US, though that should change soon. However, we did spot the 32GB Apple TV on Amazon Australia and on Amazon UK.

Friends again?

Today's news marks a major turning point in relations between Amazon and its two biggest rivals. 

Amazon originally pulled Apple TV and Google Chromecast from its site in October 2015. Several months later, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the decision stemmed from the streaming boxes not supporting Amazon Prime Video. 

That changed last week when the Prime Video app finally arrived on Apple TV, seemingly clearing the way for Apple TV, at least, to return to Amazon.

As for Google, it's been a tense few months between it and Amazon. Just over a week ago, Google yanked YouTube support from the Amazon Fire TV as well as from the Amazon Echo Show for the second time.

In a statement sent to us at the time, Google pointed to a "lack of reciprocity" from Amazon in selling products like Chromecast and Google Home as one reason for its decision.

Today, however, when we asked Google for comment on Chromecast's return to Amazon and whether this paves the way for reinstating YouTube support to Amazon's products, we received a more hopeful message.

"We are in productive discussions with Amazon to reach an agreement for the benefit of our mutual customers," a Google spokesperson said. "We hope we can reach an agreement to resolve these issues soon."

TechRadar has also asked Apple for comment, and we'll update this article if and when we hear back.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

Michelle was previously a news editor at TechRadar, leading consumer tech news and reviews. Michelle is now a Content Strategist at Facebook.  A versatile, highly effective content writer and skilled editor with a keen eye for detail, Michelle is a collaborative problem solver and covered everything from smartwatches and microprocessors to VR and self-driving cars.