7 new movies and TV shows on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and more this weekend

Lily James is unrecognizable as Pamela Anderson in Pam and Tommy
(Image credit: Hulu/Disney Plus)

It’s February, folks, which means it’s not long before our screens are commandeered by awkward first meetings, bumbling bookstore owners and Ryan Gosling’s abdomen in the run-up to Valentine's Day. 

But the less romantically inclined need not fear. Among the impending break-ups and make-ups comes a decidedly varied selection of new movies and TV shows, and this week’s arrivals include thrilling documentaries, long-awaited dramas and the return of an acclaimed sci-fi series. 

Below, we’ve rounded up the seven biggest additions available to stream on the likes of Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video over the next few days. 

Pam and Tommy (Hulu / Disney Plus) 

Based on the shocking true story (as detailed in Amanda Chicago Lewis’ revealing Rolling Stone article from 2014), Pam and Tommy dives headfirst into the most infamous celebrity scandal of the 1990s, which saw a sex tape between actress Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee released to the world without the couple’s permission.

Lily James (whose transformation into Anderson is nothing short of remarkable) and Sebastian Stan give star turns as the titular pair, in a show that combines drama, social commentary and comedy – at one point, Lee's penis literally comes to life – to form an undeniably entertaining critique of press and porn culture. 

Pam and Tommy’s first three episodes are available to stream now on Hulu in the US and Disney Plus in the UK, with the remaining five set to arrive in weekly installments every Wednesday. 

Now available to stream on Hulu in the US and Disney Plus in the UK

Raised by Wolves season 2 (HBO Max)  

Fans of Raised by Wolves’ first season will tell you that the Ridley Scott-produced series remains television’s best sci-fi show – which is a bold claim considering the release of The Mandalorian, Foundation and The Expanse in recent years. 

Viewed as a spiritual successor to the Alien franchise, Raised by Wolves centers on the tensions between human refugees and two androids tasked with raising human children on a mysterious planet. Season 2 comes to HBO Max this week to pick up where its predecessor left off – and to inevitably delve deeper into the mystery of the show’s title. 

UK viewers will have to wait until March to catch this one on Sky and Now TV.

Now available to stream on HBO Max

Reacher (Prime Video) 

Have you ever wondered what might have been if John Cena beat Tom Cruise to the role of Jack Reacher in the 2012 adaptation of Lee Child's novel series? Probably not. But our guess is that the result would look a lot like Amazon’s latest reinvention of the titular hero. 

Simply titled Reacher, this version stars Titans’ Alan Ritchson (who is not John Cena, mind, but an actor in the same muscular mould) and is based on the plot of Child's Killing Floor story, which sees the vigilante framed for murder in a sleepy American town.

Judging by the show’s trailer, expect Peacemaker-style comedy and fisticuffs aplenty – though with Prison Break writer Nick Santora in tow as showrunner, Reacher might just prove more than the sum of its predictable parts. 

Now available to stream on Prime Video

The Tinder Swindler (Netflix) 

If you’re after an antidote to the saccharine selection of romantic movies en route to streamers this month, Netflix’s latest documentary, The Tinder Swindler, should bring you crashing back down to Earth. 

This feature-length exposé takes a microscope to the extraordinary case of an alleged billionaire playboy who extorted millions from unsuspecting women through the titular dating app – only to find his victims banding together to take action against him.

Some critics have called The Tinder Swindler the best documentary Netflix has ever produced – and given that it comes from the creators of the excellent Don't F**K with Cats, we’re inclined to believe them. 

Now available to stream on Netflix

Suspicion (Apple TV Plus)  

Apple TV Plus’ library of quality content grows even larger this week with the arrival of Suspicion, an eight-part thriller based on the Israeli series False Flag. 

It stars Uma Thurman as a US media mogul on a quest for answers after her son is kidnapped in New York City. As part of an investigation into the disappearance, five seemingly ordinary Brits – played by Kunal Nayyar, Georgina Campbell, Elizabeth Henstridge, Elyes Gabel and Tom Rhys Harries – are identified as prime suspects, but all claim to have no knowledge of the crime. 

Expect plenty of, well, suspicion in Suspicion, then, along with an inevitable slew of twists and turns. The first two episodes are available to stream today, with the rest set to follow on a weekly basis every Friday.

Available to stream on Apple TV Plus

Murderville (Netflix) 

After last week’s streaming list included not one, but two murdery mystery spoofs, we’re a little surprised to see Netflix release another satirical cop comedy so soon afterwards. That being said, Murderville has an ace up its sleeve that the streamer will hope sets it apart from the crowd. 

Adapted from the BAFTA-winning UK series Murder in Successville, this six-episode show stars Will Arnett as a police detective who investigates a new murder case – alongside a new celebrity guest – in each instalment. The twist? Those celebrities aren’t given a script, and must improvise their way through each gruesome scenario.

So, although Murderville has been described by one critic as “torturous cringe,” it might at least be midly amusing to watch Kumail Nanjiani, Conan O'Brien, Annie Murphy, Sharon Stone, Ken Jeong and Marshawn Lynch fumble under the studio lights. 

Now available to stream on Netflix

And Just Like That... The Documentary (HBO Max) 

What could be better than seeing HBO finally breathe new life into a beloved series after a ten-year hiatus? Apparently, the answer is a documentary showing how the whole thing came together. 

And Just Like That... The Documentary (yes, that’s the real title) goes behind the scenes of the Sex and the City revival to reveal how and why the show returned to the screen. It’ll combine backstage footage with insight from cast and crew to give fans one last dose of And Just Like That-induced serotonin following this week’s series finale.

Those who have no interest in Sex and the City probably won’t find much to enjoy here – but after the recent success of HBO’s Friends and Harry Potter reunions, we still expect this to be a well-made look behind the curtain of America’s (sixth, maybe?) most famous series. 

Now available to stream on HBO Max

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