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The cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 unlocked SIM-free prices in April 2021

It seems that the age of massive phones is no closer to coming to an end with phablet devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 still enjoying mass popularity. The one downside with them though is the pretty large price tags.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Fact File

Release date: August 24 2018
Launch price: $999 / £788 / AU$1,763
Platform: Android 8.1 Oreo
Storage: 512GB
Camera: 12MP / 8MP
Screen: 6.4-inch, 1440x2960
Battery: 4000mAh
Colours: Copper, Purple, Blue, Black, White 
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Luckily for you, buying the Note 9 SIM-free can save you some money over getting a contract and if you shop around you can get an unlocked handset for a pretty reasonable price.

When it comes to Samsung and Android in general, you are going to struggle to get something better than the Note 9 even now with the S10 Plus out. The device has been sat near the top of our best mobile phones list since it launched and it is clear to see why. A massive 6.4-inch infinity display, superb camera, powerful battery and the implementation of the S Pen makes this a brilliant device.

So if you're determined to future-proof your digital life with the newest, shiniest Samsung Galaxy phone, then be sure to pick the cheapest Note 9 price from the below comparison chart. Team it up with a low cost SIM only deal (UK only) and you could make a decent saving over contract plans. If you see the prices and decide that you would be better off going with a contract instead then check out our best Note 9 deals for all of your options.

Today's cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 unlocked / SIM-free prices: