How to register for the Amazon Luna games streaming service

Amazon Luna
Amazon Luna (Image credit: Amazon)

The new Amazon Luna games streaming service has joined an already-populated block, vying for attention against Google Stadia, GeForce Now, Xbox Games Pass and more.

If Amazon Luna has piqued your interest, we've written up a guide on how to get it so you can test out Bezos' new service. You can register your interest immediately, but Amazon hasn't accepted anyone to play just yet.

Amazon Luna is in early access right now, and there are a lot of requirements to using it, though we'd imagine these would go away when the service has a full release.

At the moment, only people in the US can use Luna, and you need to access it on a Mac, PC, iOS device or Amazon Fire TV Stick - no Android phones for now, though we'd imagine this will change soon, especially given Amazon itself puts out Android tablets.

Luna is free, but you have to spend $49.99 on a controller to be able to actually play. Amazon Luna Plus is also available in early access, and it costs $5.99 per month, and it gives you access to loads of cool games you don't have to pay for, a la Netflix.

How to register for Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna (Image credit: Amazon)

Firstly, head over to the Amazon Luna homepage, and click the big icon in the middle of the page to register.

You'll need to make sure you're signed in to Amazon to do this - if not, you'll be prompted to sign in to your account.

Next, you'll be taken to a short survey page. The questions ask you what type of gamer you'd identify as (how often you play), which of the compatible devices you own, how fast your internet is (if you need to find out, use the Google Speed Test which is pretty reliable) and your ZIP code.

Once all that info is in, click Request early access at the bottom, and an alert will appear telling you that you've done so.

It doesn't seem like everyone who applies to Amazon Luna will get in - they're likely trying to get a mix of gamers from across the spectrum of speed, devices and location, so don't be upset if you're not picked. You'll be able to use Luna before too long.

It's likely Amazon will contact you if you're accepted to follow the next steps. We got a confirmation email of our registration, but nothing else - yet.

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