Quick! Walmart's early Black Friday sale slashes $300 off this Eufy robot vacuum

eufy Clean L50 SES black friday deal
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There's a reason why robot Vacuum Black Friday deals fly off the shelves during the Black Friday season. These smart home appliances are not the cheapest, especially if you're going for the best robot vacuums with all the frills like mapping, obstacle avoidance, and self-cleaning. So it isn't surprising that people wait until Black Friday before they invest.

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Some Black Friday deals are better than others, however, and this early Black Friday deal at Walmart on the Eufy Clean L50 SES is among the best I've seen so far, so I had to share.

Walmart knocks 60% off this self-emptying mid-range model from Eufy, offering a whopping $300 price drop. Its current price is lower than how much you're actually saving! That's massive, making this a must-grab deal.

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Black Friday deal - Eufy Clean L50 SES robot vacuum

eufy Clean L50 SES robot vacuum: was

eufy Clean L50 SES robot vacuum: was $499 now $198 at Walmart
This Eufy robot vacuum is heavily discounted from the Walmart Black Friday sale. This Eufy Clean L50 specifically features a huge docking station for two months of hands-free cleaning, an advanced LiDAR sensor, and an automatic surface sensor that adjusts power depending on need. Overall, it's not one of the basic models, but it's much, much easier on the pocket since it's half-price today. 

Eufy, owned by accessories brand Anker, is no stranger to robot vacuum technology. In fact, in only a few years, it's almost risen to the ranks of iRobot and Shark, delivering quality robot vacuums known for their suctioning power and their value.

I've tested a couple of its robot vacuum models over the years, and they've proven to be such powerhouses, only better because they typically don't cost you as much as their iRobot counterparts. What I mean by that is that they tend to deliver similar, if not better, performance while also throwing in more features, giving you a slight return on investment.

That's especially during Black Friday. Eufy typically throws out heavy discounts on many of its models - at times, better than what iRobot offers, so you're getting even better value for your money.

The Eufy Clean L50 SES, for example, comes with many features you'd expect from pricier models. That includes advanced LiDAR technology, multi-floor mapping, customizable zone cleaning, special pet hair pickup intervals, and a child-lock function. Now that it's discounted, you're getting all that plus powerful and effective cleaning for under $200.

If that isn't the robot vacuum deal of the year, I don't know what is.

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