CostCo? Amazon? Casper direct? This is the best place to buy a Casper mattress on Black Friday

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If you want to buy a Casper mattress, you're pretty much overwhelmed with choice. Now is a really good time to shop for a Casper mattress, but not because there are so many places to buy from. It's because the Casper Black Friday mattress deals are live, and in some cases, the prices are lower than they're ever been. There's up to 30% off mattresses in the Casper Black Friday sale, leading to some of the lowest prices I've seen.

You have some options as to where to buy. You can shop Casper direct, check out the deals on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and even Costco has a Casper mattress for you to try. But my recommendation is to buy direct from the brand if at all possible (that's the case not just with Casper, but with all the best mattress brands). 

The simple reason is that buying direct generally means better extras and superior aftercare. It's also rare to see cheaper prices at a third-party retailer than at the brand – typically, the prices are either matched or it's cheaper to buy direct. There are occasional exceptions, and in those instances, I obviously wouldn't blame you for prioritizing price and going with the other retailer.

With the Black Friday sales hitting, you might be tempted to shop around, so read on to find out why I'm sticking with Casper.

Is the Costco Casper the same as the Casper mattress?

The Costco Casper is the Casper Select, an all-foam mattress that's a Costco Members Only item. It's quite similar to the Casper mattress, a memory foam mattress that is available direct from Casper. The main difference in build is that the Casper Select has an extra layer of pressure-relief foam. This gives it slightly better motion isolation, but less response.

The Casper Select also resembles the Casper Original (see how we got on with that model in our Casper Original mattress review). Both designs are pretty popular. 

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The Casper Select resembles the Casper Original mattress (Image credit: Casper)

3 reasons to buy direct from Casper

I'm a firm believer that the best way to buy a mattress is direct from the retailer. Mostly, it makes for a smoother and easier experience. Let's explore why I'm shopping with Casper...

1. Casper has a straightforward 100-night trial

All mattresses sold direct from Casper come with a 100-night risk free trial. That's not the best sleep trial I've seen, but it's still pretty good, and well over the 30 nights it takes a person to adjust to a new bed. If, after 100 nights, you decide you don't like the bed, Casper will pick it up and refund you the money.

Elsewhere, the trial period can be confusing. Costco promises a 90-night trial, while Amazon says Casper mattresses qualify for a 100-night returns period. However, sometimes removing the mattress from the packaging can void the trial period. If you buy from a third-party, make sure you know what you're getting. We can help you out with our guide on how to return a mattress to Amazon.

2. Prices are lowest at Casper (generally)

Casper mattress sales and deals aren't super common or super generous, but for Black Friday Casper has knocked between 20% and 30% off all of its mattresses, meaning most of the range is cheaper than ever. The luxury Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is 30% off in the Black Friday sale, so you can get a queen for just $2,516.50. Even the mid-range models have gotten in on the action. There's 25% off the Casper mattress, and a queen is just $746.25.

For the most part, Casper is offering the best deals. However, Casper is also part of the Black Friday sale on Amazon. Deals vary, so head over to the Casper Sleep Amazon store to see what's around. I recommend double checking the exact bed you want, so you know exactly where the best price is.

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3. Aftercare is easier

If you're having a problem with your mattress, it's much easier to deal with the brand directly than try and navigate that black hole of Amazon customer service. Casper is completely focused on providing you with the best sleep experience. 

Buying from a third party adds a few extra layers to the customer service equation. It doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a bad experience, it just means you won't get the tailored care you might expect from Casper. This is particularly important around busy shopping periods, such as Black Friday. With so many people shopping the sales, you can expect a few cases of buyer's remorse delaying the customer service at Amazon and Costco.

Now is a good time to mention that Casper offers the same 10-year limited warranty whether you buy from Amazon, Costco, or Casper direct, but again, I would hope that if you are unlucky enough to have to claim on that, going via Casper direct is likely to cause the fewest headaches.

... and 1 reason NOT to

Still thinking of looking elsewhere? There's one big reason not to shop direct with Casper:

1. You want the Casper Select or Casper Element

The Casper Select is only available from Costco. The Casper Sleep Element queen mattress is just $416.50 in the Amazon Black Friday sale. You can't buy either of these mattresses direct from Casper. 

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